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Milton Johns
Milton Johns¬†(born 13 May 1938) is an¬†English¬†actor¬†whose thin features and talent for obsequious or oily characters has often influenced the many television parts he has received. He trained at the¬†Bristol Old Vic Theatre School. Johns was born in¬†Bristol,¬†Gloucestershire. He was in¬†Coronation Street¬†as Brendan Scott (1991‚Äď93), the shopkeeper who died of a heart attack while pedalling along the eponymous cobbled street. Other roles have included parts in¬†Poldark,¬†Born and Bred,¬†Ever Decreasing Circles,¬†Home to Roost,¬†Dempsey and Makepeace,¬†Murder Most English,¬†Shoestring,¬†Yes Minister,¬†Some Mothers Do 'Ave 'Em,¬†Softly, Softly,¬†Going Straight,¬†The Good Life,¬†Don't Wait Up,¬†Butterflies,¬†Campion¬†and¬†Z-Cars. He played the landlord in¬†The Basil Brush Show¬†(2002‚Äď07). Johns also played jobsworth Mr Cassidy in¬†Murphy's Mob, an ITV children's television drama series (1982‚Äď85). His character helped to manage the building used by the junior supporters' of the football club, Dunmore United. Johns has appeared in¬†Doctor Who¬†on several occasions: as Theodore Benik in¬†The Enemy of the World; Guy Crayford in¬†The Android Invasion; and Castellan Kelner in¬†The Invasion of Time. In 1972 he starred in the children's Sunday evening series¬†The Intruder¬†and in 1977, appeared in another children's series,¬†Midnight Is A Place. Johns also appeared as an¬†Imperial Officer¬†(Captain Bewil) in the 1980¬†Star Wars sequel,¬†The Empire Strikes Back. He played Perker in the 1985 adaptation of¬†The Pickwick Papers. In the 1986 television series¬†War and Remembrance, Johns took the role of the senior Nazi SS officer¬†Adolf Eichmann.
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