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Edward Binns
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Edward Binns¬†(September 12, 1916 ‚Äď December 4, 1990) was an American stage, film, and television actor. He had a wide-spanning career in film and television, often portraying competent, hard working, and purposeful characters in his various roles. Binns was born in¬†Philadelphia,¬†Pennsylvania. One of the first members of the newly formed¬†Actors Studio, Binns began studying with¬†Elia Kazanin the fall of 1947.¬†After appearing in a number of Broadway plays, Binns began appearing in films in the early 1950s. Some of his notable roles include playing Juror #6 in¬†12 Angry Men¬†and Lieutenant GeneralWalter Bedell Smith¬†in the¬†Academy Award-winning film¬†Patton¬†(1970). Binns featured in¬†Alfred Hitchcock's¬†North by Northwest¬†as a police detective. He played a key role as bomber pilot Colonel Grady in the 1964 film¬†Fail-Safe. Binns also appeared in dozens of television programs including¬†NBC's legal drama¬†Justice,¬†Rod Cameron's syndicated¬†State Trooper, the syndicated adventure series¬†Whirlybirds, the¬†ABC/Warner Brotherswestern series,¬†The Dakotas, the ABC rodeo drama,¬†Stoney Burke, and ABC's war drama¬†12 O'Clock High. He was cast in¬†CBS's¬†Richard Diamond, Private Detective¬†(as Larrabee in the 1958 episode "Pension Plan"),¬†The Investigators¬†and¬†Thriller (U.S. TV series). Binns appeared as Colonel Robert Baldwin with¬†June Allyson¬†as his screen wife, Eleanor Baldwin, in the 1961 episode "Without Fear" of Allyson's CBS anthology series,¬†The DuPont Show with June Allyson. Also that year he made two guest appearances on¬†Perry Mason, first as Lloyd Castle in "The Case of the Angry Dead Man," then as Charles Griffin in "The Case of the Malicious Mariner," and in an episode of¬†The Asphalt Jungle. He had a leading role in Rod Serling's¬†The Twilight Zone¬†in the 1960 episode "I Shot an Arrow into the Air". Binns also appeared in two episodes of ABC's¬†The Untouchables¬†as gunman Steve Ballard and in a later episode as a doctor. He was a cast member of CBS's¬†The Nurses¬†from 1962 through 1964. He appeared in an episode of the ABC espionage drama¬†Blue Light¬†early in 1966, and in ABC's¬†It Takes a Thief¬†(1969‚Äď1970) with¬†Robert Wagner. Binns also appeared in one episode of the ABC series¬†A Man Called Shenandoah, with¬†Robert Horton, as General Korshak on CBS's¬†M*A*S*H, in an episode of NBC's¬†The Brian Keith Show, and in three episodes of ABC's¬†The Fugitive. His distinctive voice was also heard in hundreds of radio and television commercials. Binns died from a¬†heart attack¬†at the age of seventy-four while traveling from¬†New York City¬†to his home inConnecticut. His ashes were scattered at his residence.
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