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Jude Ciccolella
Richard Jude Ciccolella¬†(born November 30, 1947), better known as¬†Jude Ciccolella, is an American¬†character actor. Ciccolella was born in Nassau County, New York. He graduated from Brown University, class of 1969 where he acted in student productions. He studied at¬†Temple University¬†with a¬†Master of Fine Arts¬†degree in¬†theatre. His film roles include parts in¬†The Shawshank Redemption¬†as Mert,¬†Boys on the Side¬†as Jerry,¬†Night Falls on Manhattan¬†as Lieutenant Wilson,¬†Star Trek Nemesis¬†as¬†Romulan¬†Commander Suran,¬†Down With Love¬†as the private eye,¬†The Terminal¬†as Karl Iverson, the 2004 Director's Cut¬†DVD¬†of¬†Daredevil, the 2004 remake of¬†The Manchurian Candidate¬†as David Donovan, and the 2005¬†Sin City¬†movie adaptation as Liebowitz. After guest starring roles in¬†Law & Order,¬†NYPD Blue,¬†CSI: NY¬†and¬†ER, Ciccolella took a recurring guest role on¬†24. During the show's first and second seasons (2001‚Äď2003), he played¬†Mike Novick,¬†Chief of Staff¬†to¬†President¬†David Palmer¬†(Dennis Haysbert). He has also guest starred as Principal Raymond on¬†Everybody Hates Chris; however, he was replaced upon reprising his role as Mike Novick in the last eight episodes of Season 4 of¬†24. He appeared in the 1992¬†James Foley¬†and¬†David Mamet¬†film¬†Glengarry Glen Ross¬†as the Detective. He appeared in the scene where¬†Al Pacino¬†was having an argument with¬†Kevin Spacey¬†about the "six-thousand dollars" owed to him. Ciccolella was also seen in the episode of Nickelodeon's¬†The Adventures of Pete & Pete¬†titled "Tool and Die," where he plays the shop class teacher Mr Slurm, whose missing left hand stirred nothing but hearsay and rumors. Mr. Ciccolella did not reprise his role as Mr. Slurm in the season 3 episode, "Road Warrior." In¬†24's¬†fourth season (2005), Ciccolella returned for the last 8 episodes. Mike had become an advisor to¬†Acting President¬†Charles Logan¬†(Gregory Itzin), who had taken over after the downing of¬†Air Force One¬†critically injured President¬†John Keeler¬†(Geoff Pierson). He had continued this role in the show's fifth season (2006). However, he did not appear in the sixth season. In 2007, he guest-starred on NBC freshman drama¬†Life. He also appeared in the 2007 film,¬†The Wager. In 2008, he portrayed Phillip Davenport, a fictional¬†Secretary of the Navy¬†on the 6th season of the CBS show¬†NCIS. Two years later, he appeared one more time for the last episode of the 8th season. In the "Supporting Players" featurette on the¬†24¬†season 5 DVD, actress¬†Jean Smart¬†reveals that Ciccolella is a folk singer.
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